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Winning Radio

That crucial moment when a prospective radio advertiser finally HEARS an idea that stands out...that's pivotal to the sale.  That's the moment when the advertiser's heart decides whether or not to purchase your station, and how much they're willing to spend.  Here are some of the "BIG IDEAS" that could move radio clients forward in this city. 

MediChair...jingle plus ad campaign

See MedichairJingle.com   
Flooring Store...a one-level store with
experts on every floor.
                                 Pitched to Heidi at Imperial Flooring nine years ago.  It impressed her but
she had a marketing team going a
different direction at the time.  Perhaps someone else should use this.

Sports Pub or Pub, Roadhouse
(fun energy and catchy)

Tiger Jacks in London, ON
Let's change the name / lyrics...there's nothing like this on the air in town.
 Let's Renovate!
(Serena Ryder)

 Version 1 lyrics:

Version 2 lyrics:

Targeting women...this would be ideal to
refit for McMunn & Yates
, which even ryhmes with "Let's Renovate!"

Take Your Business To The Next Level
(Business Development)
   Quinte Business Development Centre
Mediterranean Restaurant or Business

  "And now for something completely
  (There's nothing like this on radio here.)
Caring For The Whole Person...body, mind
and soul
  Hospital or Hospital Foundation, or a health-related business, alternative medicine...? So far, just a sung phrase, but a beautiful one for the right client.
Let Acupuncture (or chiropractic) change
your life

Idea #1

Idea #2...Imagine your life without pain

And sticking with Jodi King for a moment...could these ideas be used for a pain control practitioner or clinic...or for Chiropractors Manitoba?
He knows trucks!

  This piece of silliness could be sold to a used car dealer.  Earl Ireland spent $100K / year on radio in Peterborough once he got his quirky jingle.
Benjamin Moore

  Back to Jodi...nine Benjamin Moore Stores helped develop this in Southwestern Ontario.
"Get On With Your Dreams"
Sutton or other realty, or Navigant
Luxury Travel

Sample Ad#1

Cute Ad

Let's Talk About Life BMO Nesbitt Burns

We'll Make You Love Your Kitchen Again
The demo they didn't choose

 Verbeek...good slogan, speaks well to
Home builder
  Duvanco buys $105K / year of radio in Quinte Region (Belleville) and pays nothing for it...suppliers pay it all.
Downtown jingles

Like Duvanco...an opportunity to get downtown businesses to buy the package.
Insulation   I also own insulationwinnipeg.com and foaminsulationwinnipeg.com
Car Dealers...tons!    
Swimming Pools  
Phone numbers or
Web Addresses
  We could put together a package for smaller sings...such as a name and slogan, or a name and phone number / web address