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who does all those jingles in Winnipeg?

    It might interest you to know that ONE Winnipeg company wrote and produced all the Winnipeg jingles and commercials below, plus many more.  Each jingle has a story, like: 

              *Boyd Autobody's revenues went up 21% per year for five consecutive years while they ran their jingle.  
           *Winnipeg Hyundai's sales went through the roof once their jingle hit the airwaves. 
       *iTravel2000.com used their jingle to launch Canada's largest online travel agency, coast-to-coast.

            Click the jingle to listen.  Learn the success story.  (Maybe your business will be next!)

 Manitoba Blue Cross
(The Colour of Caring)
  Hi-Tech Energy 
 Pembina Chrysler
   (It's All Here) 
     Boyd Autobody
  (Bring It To Boyd)
 (Computer Boulevard)
    Shine Dental   Factory Kitchens
   Fusion Grill 
   Winnipeg Hyundai
     (I Love My Car)
  Lisa Reid Audiology
     (Dial 837-HEAR)
  Valour Tri-West
   Olympic Builder
  Intercity Autobody
         (dot com)
     Mercedes Benz
    (This is YOUR time.)
  Balcaen and Sons
    (Done Right...)
   Quick Transfer    UNeedSpace
      dot com
   Krevco Lifestyles
     (Gotta Have It)
   Winnipeg Moving
     (Dial 925-MOVE)
 Fitness Experience     Superblinds     West Coast
    Superior Heating 
  (Make your home...)
   Nisby (It Pays To Go
 With A Name You Know)
 Vickar Community
   Minuk Denture
   (Take a bite...)
Take Time
Home Cleaning
Pioneer Window
And Door


Patio World
 Computer Trends
        dot com
 Wallace+Wallace Lacoste Garden

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